OMSC Today

Okotoks Masters Swim Club operates solely at the Okotoks Recreation Center located at 99 Okotoks Drive in Okotoks Alberta. OMSC has been operating at full capacity for 4 consecutive years now. Please refer to the registration tab for contact information, available sessions and schedule, and inquiries about OMSC.

OMSC History

OMSC was started in 1991 as the Okotoks Orcas. Over the years it has gone through phases of competitive masters swimming and more of a fitness club for local swimmers and tri-athletes with ad hoc workouts written on a white board. The club was run out of the original four lane Swindel’s pool prior to the expansion of the Okotoks Recreation Centre in 2006 that resulted in a six lane competition pool.

OMSC’s membership was capped at around 50 swimmers due to lane space and numerous potential members were turned away. Volunteer coach Leslie Posein entered the program in 2007-2008 adding needed structure to the Monday and Wednesday evening workouts. Interest in Masters swimming continued to grow in the greater Okotoks area and the club’s organizers were keen to accommodate more members. The pool management provided an opportunity for Tuesday and Thursday morning lane space in the 2008-2009 season and structured coaching continued under Todd Melton. The membership jumped to 72 swimmers but potential members still had to be turned away.

At the end of that season, the organizers realized that the club was at a size that required structure and process and the amount of money being handled justified formalizing the club under bylaws. A provisional board of directors was established in June of 2009 and an ambitious new program designed with a significant increase in lane space and practice times.